Saturday, August 25, 2007

Another WWII Story

This was sent to me by a German immigrant.

I was very young at the time and I'm very old now with a very bad memory. I was a five year old German boy separated from my parents for my own good though I never knew why. I never saw my parents again, they were both killed in the war.

I was sent to live in a very large house in the country with some relatives who I didn't know. They were supposedly aunts and uncles, but I was always suspicious. A young boy's questions went unanswered in those day at that time.

There were lots of people living in the house then, mostly older people, but there was one young couple. A man and a woman that looked to me to be teenagers, but they were married. There room was next to mine and I would often hear them making noises at night and the bed squeaking the headboard hitting the wall. I was too young to know what was going on.

One day soldiers, German soldiers came to the house. They were supposed to be the good guys so why was I told to go to my room and stay there. From my room I heard soldiers stomping up the stairs. I heard them in the young couple's room shouting. A soldier came into my room and smiled and winked and told me everything was OK and not to be scared and to be quiet they would be gone soon. He laughed as he closed my door.

I pressed my ear to the wall and heard more shouting, but couldn't understand any of the words. I could tell when the young husband was shouting and when a soldier was shouting. I could also hear the woman crying. Then suddenly I heard the woman scream and a lot of bed noise, squeaking, but not rhythmic squeaking like when the couple was making love. I could hear the sounds of struggling and soldiers laughing. A muffled woman's scream and then that rhythmic bed squeaking with the headboard hitting the wall. There was some grunting and squeaking and banging against the wall. Then the squeaking and creaking of getting off the bed. (All the beds in the house sounded that way.) Then a little more squeaking and creaking and then the grunting, rhythmic squeaking, and banging against the wall.

It went on and on like that with little moments of silence with some laughter between the grunting, squeaking, and banging the wall. I counted 27 sets squeaking and wall banging, what else did I have to do. Sometimes the wall banging was so loud I thought they would come right through into my room though I had no idea what they were doing in there.
I would much later come to learn that of course the soldiers had gang raped the woman. I don't know if there were 27 soldiers or she was just fucked 27 times. The woman was taken from the house, not by the soldiers I don't think, and I never saw her again. The husband had a bruised face and a few days later he left the house and never returned.

Soon after that I was sent to America.


Yudith1 said...

that is terrible. esp. fo a young kid to witness. shit like that can never be forgotten

paulus said...

Did the woman cum at least once? Some women cum involuntarily during a rape.